Helping our community thrive

Bellagio has a long history of community involvement. Co-founders John Cram and Matt Chambers have been instrumental in helping Asheville become the robust community we enjoy today.

To this day, John, Matt and our entire Bellagio staff remain deeply invested in our community. We facilitate programs that help local craftspeople thrive, support efforts to preserve Asheville’s natural beauty, and advocate for policies to ensure all area residents have equal opportunity in the arts.

Strengthening our artist community

We are artists ourselves and place the highest value on our ties with the greater artist community in Asheville and surrounding areas. Taking the time to cultivate relationships among artists not only helps us stay abreast of the latest creations—it helps all of us grow as artists.

Supporting local events in Asheville

We love living here; few places have as much on the calendar for arts, outdoors, and community service events as Asheville. You’ll see Bellagio on the sponsor list for special events throughout the year, and it’s practically a given to see one or two of our staff members in attendance.

Educating the community about art & style

We love art! We also believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and that each of us has the potential to embrace art in our personal style. Co-founder Matt Chambers has been in the fashion industry for decades, and he is a wealth of information about style basics. He is always happy to share his thoughts with Bellagio customers and anyone interested in learning more about art, fashion, and style.

Cultivating a community at Bellagio

We are more than a team at Bellagio; we are a family. Many of our staff members have been with us for years, forming close-knit relationships with our customers as well as each other. Our stores have a real neighborhood feel. There is always something going on at Bellagio. Long-time customers frequently drop by just to say hello, and we are never too busy to welcome new customers to our “home.”

Come in and celebrate art with the Bellagio family.
Come in and celebrate art with the Bellagio family.