Collections to inspire your style

Perhaps what sets Bellagio Art to Wear apart most distinctly is how our collections are curated.

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. We juxtapose the creations of our artists to assemble an inspiring experience for Bellagio shoppers.

Our thoughtful curation process harmonizes the unique perspectives of individual artists. Each collection highlights one-of-a-kind pieces while inspiring our staff and shoppers to curate their own style identity. We are honored to showcase the designs of many talented, world class artists from Asheville and beyond.

Bellagio Curated Collections
Our selections are curated to showcase artistry, beauty & creativity.

Curation is an ongoing venture

Always curious to see what new inspirations our artists are working on, we are continually visiting studios to seek out one-of-a-kind pieces that have a timeless quality. Our boutique is in a perpetual state of renewal to offer a fresh experience every time. By devoting a good portion of their time to the curation process, Bellagio owners John Cram and Matt Chambers keep the spirit of Bellagio alive for our customers and community.

Bellagio Curated Collections
Curated collections help you conceptualize and create a purposeful wardrobe.

Our Bellagio staff take the concept of curation one step further with personalized styling assistance. When you step into our boutique, our staff will guide you to the collections that are most closely suited to your personal tastes and original style. They can help you choose the perfect pieces to complement your individuality and help you curate your own wearable art collection.

Whether you are just finding out about Bellagio Art to Wear or have been a customer for years, we invite you to stop in and see what new inspirations our curated collections have to offer.