Wearable art with a conscience

Fair trade, honesty, and environmentally sound production methods are core values of Bellagio Art to Wear. We believe you should know where your clothing came from and feel confident that the hands who made it were fairly compensated.

We do not compromise on our principles:

  • We carry clothing that is made in the United States by independent, small business artists
  • Our artists are fairly credited and compensated
  • We only purchase inventory from artists who engage in fair trade practices
  • Our staff and all involved in the creation process for our collections receive fair wages
John and Liz at Bellagio
Bellagio founder John, manager Liz, and all of our staff are committed to helping local artists thrive

Supporting the local community

We love that many of our artists are committed to buying their supplies and fabrics locally, as we are able to deepen our support of artists and craftspeople in the Appalachian region.

Our community support reaches beyond fashion. As proprietor of the Asheville Fine Arts Theatre and several Asheville art galleries, Bellagio owner John Cram is deeply invested in the success and welfare of Asheville artists and has been an integral part of downtown revitalization efforts throughout the last 30 years.