Quality that will last

The mark of superb quality in fashion is style that remains timeless. The artist-made pieces we select for our curated collections at Bellagio Art to Wear are each selected for their timeless appeal. We are careful to choose styles that outlast passing trends.

Because we accept only the highest quality craftsmanship into our Bellagio Art to Wear boutique, our garments, jewelry, and accessories are made to last for years and still look fabulous.

Styles you’ll love for years to come

Our long-time customers tell us they still wear Bellagio pieces they purchased a decade ago—and receive compliments on them too! Our staff will help you find outfits that are a natural fit for your personal style identity, so you can incorporate your artist-made selections into your wardrobe for years to come.

Bellagio Everyday
We choose timeless styles. Customers often tell us how they still love their pieces a decade or more after purchase.

Repair Services

Our artists stand behind their work, and so do we. Our staff are knowledgeable about the fabrics and construction of each item in our boutique, and your personal styling assistant will make sure you know the proper way to care for your Bellagio wearable art before you take it home. Should your well-loved Bellagio garment require mending, we ask that you bring it to us for refurbishment. We will help you keep your fashion in top form.

Personal Shopping with Theresa
We’re passionate about helping you find wearable art you’ll love for years.

We believe that your style is a worthy investment. When you shop at Bellagio, our staff will help make sure you go home with quality, artist-made apparel that will stay in your mainstay wardrobe for years to come.