Artist-made women’s apparel is the foundation of our collections at Bellagio Art to Wear. You’ll appreciate our thoughtfully curated collections: we seek out top quality garments with unique style that fit a variety of sizes, shapes, and personalities. We can help you dress for any occasion with pieces ranging from casual day wear to elegant evening attire. Our selections have timeless appeal—plus our clothing feels as good as it looks.

Hand-made artisan collections

We are fully committed to clothing with a conscience—our artists and designers practice fair wage and trade principles and use locally sourced materials whenever possible.

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. Our Bellagio Art to Wear boutique is well known for hand-painted and one-of-a-kind garments directly from local artists.

Styles to fit every kind of beautiful

In addition to one of a kind artist-made items, our boutiques also feature American-made apparel from women designers who specialize in timeless cuts that flatter any figure.


Everyone should be able to wear clothing that feels great and looks amazing on their unique silhouette. Sympli offers pieces that can be mixed and matched for a personalized look with minimal effort.

Sympli separates mix and match easily and pack beautifully
Sympli separates mix and match easily and pack beautifully


Designed by Florida-based Lauren Grossman, Planet features all-natural fabrics and Japanese inspired, flowing shapes. Planet pieces are brilliantly cut, completely sizeless, and always flattering—thus saving you the stress of juggling garments that feel too tight one week and too loose the next.

It's easy to feel pulled together and stylish in Planet designs
It’s easy to feel pulled together and stylish in Planet designs


Colorado-based Janska believes that clothing should look good and feel good, making their collections perfect for Bellagio customers. This woman-owned small enterprise features classy yet comfortable rain gear and fleece designs, all made in the USA.

Many of our customers love their reversible Janska rain gear
Our customers love Janska’s reversible rain gear