Wearable art delivered to you

Finding time to shop isn’t always easy. This is especially the case if typical retail options don’t satisfy your personal style. At Bellagio Art to Wear, we’ve solved this problem with our Pick Box program. If you can’t make it into the boutique for personalized styling assistance, our staff will send hand-selected styles directly to you!

We will assemble a box with 4 or 5 artist-made pieces that we think will look fabulous on you, wrap them up, and ship them to your doorstep. You can receive pick boxes only upon request or set up regular shipments—you decide based on your needs. It’s like getting a gift from a friend who knows just what you’ll love.

How it works

Setting up personalized pick box delivery is easy; just follow these steps.

  1. Come into Bellagio Art to Wear to get to know our staff and try on samples from our collections. This allows us to get a sense of your personal style and also helps us pinpoint the sizes and cuts that will give you the most comfortable and flattering fit.
  2. Sign up for our Pick Box delivery program. We will ask you a few questions and have you fill out a brief questionnaire to record your contact information, sizing requirements, and other details to help us best match your style needs.
  3. Let us know when you need your Pick Box delivered, and we’ll put you on the schedule.
  4. When you receive your pick box, enjoy! Contact us if you have any questions.

F.A.Q.’s about Bellagio Pick Boxes

Here are a few of the more common questions our customers have asked over the years. We hope they will answer any questions you may have about our pick boxes.

Can I order a pick box if I haven’t shopped in the store yet?

While most customers prefer to begin their personalized shopping experience in person, we have sent Bellagio Art to Wear pick boxes to new customers with happy results. If you cannot make it into our Asheville boutique, we can set up your account over the telephone or online. It can be helpful as a new customer for you to share a few photos of yourself as well as examples of styles you like to help our staff select pieces that you will love.

Can I request specific pieces in my pick box?

If you have a special event coming up, our staff will be happy to assemble a pick box with specific styles of clothing and accessories for your needs. As our collections are artist-made and one of a kind, we cannot guarantee an exact item that you may have seen in the store on a previous visit.

Can I send a pick box as a gift?

Absolutely! Bellagio pick boxes are a fantastic, personal gift for someone you love. Just make sure you have details about their sizing requirements as well as a photo for us to reference. If you are unsure what size clothing to order, jewelry and accessory pick boxes are an excellent option for gifts too.

Can I return items that I don’t want to keep?

Our staff are experts at matching styles and sizes to an individual’s tastes, but if you are unhappy with anything included in your pick box, please contact us to discuss the next step. We try to accommodate changes in sizing whenever possible.