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Bellagio Art to Wear features exquisite collections of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that can add elegance or pizzazz to any wardrobe. Our boutiques feature independently crafted clothing, jewelry and accessories. We are dedicated to ethical and fair trade practices and curate our collections to include only those pieces that demonstrate the finest artisan qualities.


  • Mieko Mintz

  • Alembika

  • Kay Chapman

  • Igor Dobranic

  • Annemieke Broenink

  • Terri Logan

  • Sympli

  • Planet

  • Ozai N Ku

  • Michael Kane

  • Dressed to Kill

  • mSquare

  • UbU

  • Laurent Guillot

Clothing by Igor Dobranic


John and Matt at Bellagio

Owners John Cram and Matt Chambers


With decades of experience curating art across the media spectrum, Bellagio owners John Cram and Matt Chambers developed a keen sense of what fabrics, textures, lines, and colors will appeal to a customer while also helping each customer evolve in her own personal style identity. Early on in their careers, John and Matt picked up on the rich heritage of handmade craftsmanship in the southern Appalachian region, and this heritage informs our collections at Bellagio, which marry exquisite fashion with handmade authenticity.

For over 40 years, John was an integral part of building the fine arts and crafts community in Asheville. In addition to Bellagio Art to Wear and Bellagio Everyday, John founded New Morning Gallery, Blue Spiral 1, and the Fine Arts Theatre.


Our knowledgeable staff provides personalized assistance to help you discover the right pieces to communicate your own sense of unique style. We love that each customer's aesthetic is different, and our collections are chosen to help you celebrate what sets you apart and enhance what you love about yourself.

Theresa helps a customer

Theresa helps a customer